What is neuromarketing?

What is neuromarketing?

If as a manager you want to read your consumer behavior on a subconscious level, you are obligated to know the secrets of Neuromarketing. What is it, and how does it affect the consumer subconscious? During the “Tet-A-Tet” program, Sputnik Armenia talked to Ani Kyureghyan about the nuances of using this profession. By the way Ani Kyureghyan is a behavioral marketing specialist

“Neuromarketing is a science that allows to modernize consumer behavior on a subconscious level through modern technology.” – sais the expert․


“Neuromarketing is a combination of marketing, psychology and neurology. They aimed at precisely planning the process of creating, developing and presenting a brand. Neuromarketologists study brain signals that stimulate consumer decision-making,” says Mrs. Kyureghyan.

As stated by a behavioral marketing expert, proper management is the most important component in the development process of any company. So, the modern world dictates its own rules and stratagem of good governance.

As reported by Mrs. Kyureghyan, the term “Neuromarketing” is interesting as well. It’s a fusion of the words neurobiology and marketing.

“Neuromarketing allows us to understand the consumer’s attitude towards the product. This is the main difference between Neuro and traditional marketing. It does not require data collection and analysis of the buyer’s subjective preferences, his/her emotions and several other factors of the subconsciousness”.

Neuromarketing, as a new science, is taking its first steps in Armenia.