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Neuromarketing / Eye-tracking


Imagine if you could see what your customers see, what insights that would hold. With EyeTracker, we get an amazing opportunity to understand shoppers’ attention and shopping behaviour. After a pre-interview and a quick and easy setup the customers are ready to go. The red dots that we can see represent exactly what the customers are looking at. Walking around stores, the customers give us valuable information.

EyeTracker provides a dynamic understanding of how shoppers navigate or browse through the store. Let’s stop for a moment. The gaze plot visualization shows that it is the product that attracts the customers, first after finding the product does the price sign become interesting. We can gather detailed information about what visual elements shoppers actually notice, what elements they use at different stages in the decision process and how they interact with exposed products. Floor signs can be very effective in guiding the customer and making the shopping journey easier. The eye tracking data shows how effective signage is in terms of attention and discovery.

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